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If you love cats, you will love this stuff! There are books, of course. But there is also the Cat Calendar 2017. A beautiful XL photo calendar with Pernod and Cootjes very best pictures.
kattenkalender-wire-o.jpg         Schermafbeelding 2016-06-24 om 17.00.23.png
Veronique Puts breathes, thinks and talks cats! She writes columns and stories about her own cats Pernod & Cootje in the most read magazine of Belgium. The stories were also published in four books: Miauwkes, Kattenkwaad, Poeslief and Straffe Katten (20 euro each).
Al books have been printed in Dutch, but the publisher (Manteau, Antwerp) is currently working on a translation into English. Every now and then a story out of one of the books is published on this blog (in english). Veronique Puts also made a coloring book for adults with drawings of Pernod and Cootje and lots of other cats (12,50 euro).
Adobe Photoshop PDF
If you want to order the Cat Calendar 2017 or one of the books, or have a question, please fill in the form below. We ship worldwide.


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