Say what?! My cat is too fat? Omg!

The veterinarian told me: Chatblis is getting too fat. Every year she puts on another 200 grams and that’s no good.

Once I had a cat that was slowly transforming into a big balloon. Strangely enough I couldn’t see this myself. People made comments on her and I thought: huh? When Iook at pictures of that particular cat now, I see a cat resembling a canonball. She was way beyond being round and cuddly. Now I’m (a lot) older and (a little bit) wiser and I don’t want anything like this to happen again. Allowing a pet to get too fat is unwise. I provide the cat food, so it’s my responsibility. Pull yourself together, Veronica.

Monitoring the consumption of Cunning & Guile Ltd is my new creed. Feeds twice a day. When it’s gone, it’s gone. No more food in their bowls all day long.

This new system doesn’t go down well with Chatblis. Pernod, whose daily occupation it is to save the world and check the amount of vermin, only has mild attention for his food. He eats twice a day and then takes whatever he can get. That’s it.

But then there is Chatblis, my little buffet eater. She nibbles on snacks all day long. She loves to take one or two bites when she passes by her bowl. And then on her way back, another one. The all-in formula is just right for her full belly. If it’s there, she takes it. The combination of these two eating habits is a struggle.

When I give the cats their (now bigger) ration in the morning, Pernod eats his entire meal in one or two swallows. Chatblis samples a bite and then goes out to watch blackbirds . Meanwhile Pernod also empties Chatblis’ bowl.

When Chatblis then passes by fifteen minutes later, nothing is left. This doesn’t please her. So she asks for a refill. ‘No, no’, I say firmly. I have a strong mindset in the early hours of the day. But around eleven o’clock, when Chatblis stares sadly at her empty bowl, things get really difficult for yours truly. And so I cave.

I started this diet two weeks ago. Result for Chatblis: zero point zero. And furthermore I have the firm impression that Pernod is putting on weight…

8 thoughts on “Say what?! My cat is too fat? Omg!

  1. I have a dog like that, she will eat anything. Every time I am eating she will follow me and sit next to me just waiting for tidbits from my plate. She has the body shape of a tube, but she is so cute and fluffy, we don’t mind if she’s a little over weight. But the vet says she has to lose like 5-7 pounds to be healthy, which is a lot for a small 33 pound dog. I’m only supposed to feed her one third of a cup of green beans, hard kibble and wet dog food but when you mix that altogether it adds to much more and she still seems to be hungry after that. So I will try to cut down on her amount of food and not feed her any scraps of food but it’s hard, especially when they are just so cute when they beg for more. If you would follow me or check out my blog I would greatly appreciate it. Either way thank you for your inspirational writings. -bel

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  2. Hi There. I am another Devon Rex cat servant. Eight years ago when I got my two girls I found out from another DR servant that some of them have manic appetites. Her cats were fat. Upon arrival at our home we instituted the two feedings a day in separate locations, one cat behind a closed door. When dishes are empty – that’s it, and they know it. Their food is weighed on a digital scale. They do get a couple of real food kibbles for treats during the day. At eight years old Kofi remains slim but Minky has a little Buddha belly. Even when she was young she was prone to the wee tummy so now because of her age I ignore that since her weight is still very good. I honestly believe that good health is the end result. Love those little clowns. Always enjoy your comments and photos. THNX

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  3. Our Devon girl Cher had weight problems last year. While we went for our honey moon, our little (and at that time she WAS skinny!) princess stayed with her grandpa. After we came back, we saw tha we’re gonna have some problem with weight… Because her bowl was full and it never is full at our home. When we went to vets after a while, I felt like the worst mom ever because vet told uz that if Cher was a human she would be 20 kg overweight 😦 So we started dieting. It was really tough. She only could eat about 30-40 grams of food a day and was constantly asking for it. But during 6 months she lost all the excess weight! We wer so relieved and happy that she’s not gonna die from heart attack! Now it’s been few months since we returned to our regular food and sadly I have noticed that she’s putting on weight slowly again… So it looks like we are going back to “fat cats food” again.

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  4. Zoals altijd weer ontzettend mooi geschreven. Hoewel het gaat over jezelf en jouw katten, TOCH objectief. Ik hou enorm van je schrijfstijl 🙂

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