OMG! Yesterday my beloved cat made a run for it!

The fugitive…

I knew it, knew it, knew it! I knew it would happen this summer. I knew Pernod would make a run for it. And yes, I was right. The loafer ran off. We’re in the country side, the cats and I. They’re allowed to go outside. During daytime. Because the stats say accidents with cats mostly occur at twilight, they have to come back in at the end of the day.

This happens quite smoothly since I don’t feed them during the day. As evening comes they have a hefty appetite and come at full trot as soon as I rattle their can of food. And then the doors close promptly behind their tails. Likewise this Thursday. Cats in, end of the day.

That’s what I thought. I wasn’t aware that the patio door didn’t get locked. But Pernod, my mini-Houdini, did notice. And so he went out again. This time with a full belly. In the dark. Chatblis tried as well, but I was just able to catch her on the patio. Pernod’s elated tail disappeared into the dusk. Grmbl.

My hubby’s reaction: ‘Oh, he’ll be back in a few hours. Let’s watch a movie.’ To put it briefly, he simply didn’t recognize the serious nature of the situation. Typical. I, on the other hand am fully aware of the dangers the big, bad world outside holds for dumb cats. I started a rescue operation at once.

First angrily. ‘Pernod! Come inside now! Bad boy!’ After half an hour anxiously. ‘Sonny? Are you coming? Sweetie?’ Reaction: zero. I spent the next hours pacing up and down between the television and the garden’s furthest corner.

By midnight I sat depressed on the chair underneath the apple tree. Whatever next? How could I go to bed if Pernod wasn’t home yet? And: did I hear anxious squeaks in the distance? Then my mobile phone rang. My husband. ‘The Prodigal Son is home. Are you coming too?’ When I entered, Pernod was already purring on his blanket. Very much satisfied with the world and with himself. Chatblis licked the dirt from his fur.

I should sign up for a beginners course in letting go. Urgently.


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2 thoughts on “OMG! Yesterday my beloved cat made a run for it!

  1. Het is net zoals je kind voor het eerst naar de bakker sturen. Gelukkig kan ik mijn dochter en GSM meegeven om me op de hoogte te houden. Ik zie het zo voor me, Pernod met een GSM: “moeke, niet ongerust zijn, ik zit op café met een uil, maar echt een uil!. Kus, roos!metblog


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