2 reasons to trim your cat’s nails YOURSELF!

Time for a manicure!

The time has come: Pernod can no longer walk the carpet without threads getting stuck on his paws. The scratching post does not offer any solace. It’s just there to ruin my interior, not to be scratched. Pernod has to have his nails cut. Now.

I have given up on cutting them myself. His lordship has to go a veterinarian for a manicure. Sometimes I’m glad I don’t need to tell my father about this, the poor man would have been shocked. The friendliest thing I ever heard him say to a cat was: ‘Be careful, moggie, before you know your skin will be hanging to dry in the garage.’ Spend money on the maintenance of cat nails? He would think me crazy. But let’s not elaborate on that.

Pernod is put in his basket, Chatblis joins him on the pretext of ‘two for the price of one’. And off we go. Once we’re in the veterinarian’s waiting room my cats lose all trust in humanity. Inside the basket it gets very quiet. In the surgery the temperature gets below freezing point.

Pernod is the first one to be firmly taken by the scruff of his neck. In no time nail tips fly around the room. Pernod opens up his own little box of tricks: twist backwards, roll on his belly, moan, but after five minutes his paws are clean again and getting an injection is just the icing on the cake. This way he can roam the outdoors all summer long without developing any nasty diseases.

I think the worst part is over when I put Chatblis on the table. Small mistake. Chatblis appears with a puffed up tail and a vicious look. When the veterinarian brings out the scissors, my softest kitty opens her throat. Little Chatblis starts shrieking, biting and scratching. She goes down in a cloud of tufts of hair. She fights like a lion. Extra helping hands are needed and a towel is put over her head. But even then the veterinarian is left with a bleeding finger and a sweaty forehead. I pay with hard cash and  a blush of shame on my cheeks.

On my way home I call the cats uneducated moggies. Somewhere, far behind the coulds, I can hear my father laughing.


  • Publication out of the book Miauwkes’ by Veronique Puts. Like this story? Press the blue ‘follow’ button on the blog page and receive an email every time a new story is published.

4 thoughts on “2 reasons to trim your cat’s nails YOURSELF!

  1. mijn kat haar nagels knip ikzelf en ze laat het redelijk goed doen maar bij mijn andere kat is het een ander paar mouwen


  2. Mijn Minou zijn nagels knip ik al zijn ganse leven zelf. Alhoewel hij dat niet leuk vindt. Maar af en toe moet het toch gedaan worden aangezien hij een huiskat is.


  3. I have 3 cats and 2 of them are very good at using the scratching post but our third cat is a Savannah cat and I think it would take some kind of sedative to trim his nails. For those who don’t know what a Savannah cat is, in our case, his grandfather is a African serval, and although he’s fine with our family I think he would do permanent damage to anyone trying to trim his nails and I don’t know how to and I think he would accidentally hurt me if I tried. What should I look for to make sure his nails don’t get bad?


  4. My cat doesn’t do anything when the vet cuts her nails. I think it’s cuz she’s scared tho she’s never been hurt; not ever. It’s over in one minute, it seems. Now if I can just figure out how to get my feral that I adopted almost 3 yrs ago, to get in the carrier so he can get HIS nails clipped. Any idea? He’s afraid of anyone putting both hands on him. The vet says it’s b/c he feels he’s lost all control if he’s held with both hands. I really, truly think he needs a tranquilizer in order to be put in the carrier to go to the ‘doctor’s’. What can I do? It’s been 3 yrs and his nails are so long! (I live alone so there’s no one who can help me hold him down) Thanks.


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