My cats talk to me every day. Want to know what they tell me?


My cats have a lot to tell…

For daily usage Chatblis has a very soft and sweet voice. Don’t get me wrong: it’s very effective too. A simple bleat is enough for Chatblis to get her way. Doors open effortlessly and food appears in a magical way. She brought up her people nicely.

Pernod on the other hand is more of a chatterbox. Always has been. He is very generous with his meows. Whole stories have been told that way. The exact content is unclear, except for people who want to understand him. What is clear however, is what he’s telling us has a sense of urgency. The tone gives it away. He speaks loudly and full of emotion. When he descends to the kitchen after a light afternoon nap (from twelve to half past five), he starts at the top of the stairs to announce his arrival. He is chattering the whole way. A careful listener can hear things like: ‘If you want to surprise me with something tasty, now is the time! Get the treats, I’m coming! Open the gate!’

Sometimes I think he also uses his voice as a variation on ‘whistling in the dark’. If he goes a longer distance in the house all by himself, he guides himself with chatter. ‘This lonely, scary walk doesn’t frighten me at all: listen to my cheerful voice. I’m a brave tomcat. I’m a plucky tomcat.’

My Pernod doesn’t go for understatement. He leads a colorful life. Grand and compelling. One can learn from it.

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2 thoughts on “My cats talk to me every day. Want to know what they tell me?

  1. Perfectly know what you mean. And each cat seems to have his/her own language. Some of them don’t ‘talk’ at all with their voice, but they use ther eyes to let you know how they feel. Some others, like Pernod, do express them almost clearer than people. One of my cats – the one with whom I had the honor to share about 23 years of my life – was also talking a lot and very clearly. Sometimes, she made me really laughing. We did have a kind of game: she was ‘asking’ something and I did behave like I did not understand at all what she wanted. In a couple of minutes time, she was repeating the same, but the volume button turned from 1 to 10 and you could exactly hear that she became the more and more unpatient. If she could, she certainly should have said something like ‘are you stupide or what?’ 🙂

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