20 moments of cat mischief caught on camera. Please don’t tell a soul about nr. 7…

I am the proud servant of two cats: Pernod and Cootje. I love them to pieces, but boy, the trouble these two get into. I have proof: I caught them on camera. Enjoy 20 moments of mischief.

1. They use low tricks to catch innocent birds.

Cootje. She is one sneaky girl…

2. They give me a bad name in the neighborhood…

…being unfriendly to everyone who passes by. Or plain rude.

3. They destroy my flowers.

And if the vase breaks in the process, well, that’s too bad.

4. They steal. A lot.

And then ask for more!

5. Nobody is as lazy as Pernod and Cootje. Guilt free!

A nap can easily take four hours. Or five. Or six.

6. They fight!

They go from kisses to slaps in a second. Brats.

7. Okay. This one is embarrassing…

I will have to ask you all to keep silent about this unfortunate incident…

8. They steal fish…

And I’m not even the one owning the pond!

9. They bring presents…

And not the kind you find at Tiffany’s!

10. This is an average summers day. Before noon!

No. I’m not exaggerating.

11. The little one gives me a daily heart attack…

She climbs a tree faster than a monkey. And when she reaches the top, she gets scared and expects me to come and save her tiny ass.

12. Even the squirrels are not safe around my house.

The squirrel is as big as the cat. But that doesn’t stop her. At all.

13. They are never able to decide if they want to be inside or out…

So they expect me to stand there, door in hand, and wait until they make up their little cat mind.

14. They gang up against peaceful visitors.

That’s not nice, is it?

15. No roses, too.

Or lilies. Or daisies. Or whatever.

16. They use expensive design objects as toys.

I cannot have nice things. That’s just the way it is.

17. I cannot have Christmas decorations. 

A tree will last a week. The baubles don’t survive that long.

18. If they do something that is forbidden, they turn deaf.

And they stay out of reach. Just out of reach.

19. They know they are not allowed to sleep on my bed, but hey…

…who listens to the cat lady? Not Cootje!

20. And when you’ve had enough, they look at you like this:

And all is forgiven! You know how it goes, right?


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26 thoughts on “20 moments of cat mischief caught on camera. Please don’t tell a soul about nr. 7…

  1. Fantastisch Veronique,dit deel ik met mijn Franse en Engelse vrienden.ik kijk ook alle dagen uit naar een nieuw fototje.


    1. I’m sorry that’s how you regard this, Nancy. My cats live in a save enviroment and are allowed to behave like nature intended them to. I can assure you my cats are loved dearly and well taken care of.
      As for the slauthering part: cats eat meat. Wether its mice and birds, or meat from a can in the supermarket.

      Liked by 2 people

    2. Cat is part of the feline family thats what they do ! I live in Africa and my car brings in snakes in my bed …….


  2. Your Devons bring the idea of “self-respecting” cat activity to new heights. Litter buggers. 😆😈What joy. ….and great photography. Thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

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