My two cats are inseparable. Especially at night…


Every couple embarking on a relationship is aware of the ultimate tip: never go to bed before a quarrel is patched up. But for my two cats Pernod and Chatblis it’s just the opposite. They can’t go to bed before having it out. Every evening I watch the same play.

Act 1. Around 11 o’clock Chatblis comes and sits next to me, wearing her evening face. She makes it clear it’s time for me to rest, because I look very tired. Pointedly looking at my chair, she tries to get me out of it. The spot where I am sitting is where she wants to sleep. It doesn’t matter where I’m sitting. That’s the law in Chatblis’ country and all subjects have to obey. As soon as I lift my heels, Chatblis gets ready for the night. End of act 1.

Act 2. Pernod decides to go to bed. He also wants to sleep on the spot where I just sat but which has been converted into Chatblis little nest in the meantime. The blanket is carefully pushed around and trampled down, everything is made comfortable for the night. Pernod sets foot on the bed and starts redecorating. The biggest obstacle is the cat that’s already sleeping there. For form’s sake that cat first gets some sweet licks, followed by a nasty bite in the neck. Chatblis thinks this is a disgrace. So she smacks him. Pernod can’t let this insult go unpunished. And before you know, they’re growling and biting.  This ends when Chatblis is cruelly thrown out of her bed. Then Pernod settles himself down. Puts the blanket in the right spot. Curls up in a ball. Spins around seven times. End of act 2.

Act 3. Pernod is sleeping and Chatblis walks by on her softest paws. She carefully checks whether the dictator is sound asleep. Then she cuddles up next to the troublesome companion, licks clean his ears and makes some new loops in the blanket. A minute later my cats sleep lovingly in each others arms. End of act 3.

To be perfectly clear: Pernod can’t get through the night without Chatblis. If she is not at his side, he is the one whining at my bedroom door in the middle of the night. My little hero…

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One thought on “My two cats are inseparable. Especially at night…

  1. Sweet little Chatblis , understandably Pernod has grieved when she was gone. it’s always nice to read again the stories about chatblis.

    Liked by 1 person

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