This is the best cat toy. Ever!

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Pernod is a critical connoisseur when it comes to toys…

My cats have got a new toy. It’s a ready-made thing with a self-invented addition. And yes: it’s a success that pales all previous toys. And that means a lot, because Pernod and Chatblis are critical connoisseurs when it comes to toys. And then I don’t even want to use the words ‘totally ruined’.

I bought the original thing half a year ago. It’s a stick with a long tail of fake fur on it and a feather at its end. Whoever invents such a thing? But it looked good in the shop. Self-confident, I presented the gift to them. But it turned out to be the most ill-suited gift ever. Chatblis and Pernod didn’t even fake an interest. They didn’t sniff at it more than once. And of course: they made humiliating yawns when I tried to rouse their interest in the toy, by waving my arms and making enthusiastic noises. Flunked out, Veronique. Get a life. But then it happened. Last week I received a package with a ribbon around it. Chatblis immediately showed an interest. And in one of my brighter Einstein-moments, I tied the ribbon to the stick-with-tiger tail-and-feather. And yes: eureka! Instant cat fun! The superlative of joy!

These are the rules: I walk around the house with the stick. At a steady pace. Casually. I don’t suspect anything. I drag the tail and ribbons behind me. The cats lie in ambush. Behind the chair with clothes in the bedroom. Behind the cupboard in the bathroom. Ignorantly I pass by. And then com-ple-te-ly unexpectedly the cats jump on the ribbon’s end. It is so slippery that it slides through their nails and paws. This sliding drives the cats absolutely crazy.

They jump and roll to catch the ribbon. In vain. And again. And again. Until the two little chests fall down heaving on the carpet. After one playtime session at 6 pm., they sat ready the next day at 5.30 pm. Yesterday they were already waiting at 4.00 pm.

The state of affairs after one week: one day without tiger tail-with-ribbon is one day wasted.

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4 thoughts on “This is the best cat toy. Ever!

  1. Seeing as your cats seem a lot like mine…
    If there is a horse tack sale, or you have horsey friends, ask if someone has an old dressage whip. Buy / scrounge / liberate / repurpose a satin ribbon. (The slinky stuff you get for Christmas wrapping works too.) Tie said ribbon to dressage whip end.
    Prepare to be nagged for “The Stick” for the rest of your life.
    No other cat toy does it for my Pixie. The second I touch the stick… omg. Cat heaven.
    She also likes to rub her face along the side of the (slightly rough) dressage whip, and since it bends…sooo much coolness.
    And it’s CHEAP. (Keep new ribbon on hand in case they shred the old one.)

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  2. Hoi poezenmaatjes! Roos is ook vrij kieskeurig op het gebied van speelgoed. Kieskeurig in de zin van: ik speel ermee of ik sloop het. Sinds kort heeft ze iets nieuw: Vosje, met een piepje erin, ze sleept hem overal mee, en als ze aan het slopen gaat dan zeg ik : “Roos, stop daarmee en neem uw bot om te slopen.” Tot hiertoe lukt deze aanpak. Ik blijf genieten van je blog! Groetjes
    Helene en Roos!

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  3. Homemade toys are sometimes the best, especially for picky toy specialists.
    A simple cardboard box or a ribbon typically surpass the joy of expensive toys and yet we are always tempted to bring a present for our cats, because we love them.

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