It’s not easy to fool a cat.

37.pernod verliefd.groot.jpg
My cat is a jealous boy…

Every morning Pernod is very much in love with me. When he sees me after a long night of being seperated, his little heart starts racing. His burning love prevents him (and me) from functioning normally. Walking down the stairs is almost impossible, because he wants to be on the same step I am.

The newspaper crumples under his passion. He wants to hear he’s the most beautiful boy in the world. The sweetest. The only one. This party lasts for about ten minutes. Then the passion slightly weakens, probably because he’s getting hungry. The remaining hours of the morning the fire heats up again now and then as he passes by, ecstaticly knocking my coffee cup out of my hands.

At noon tiredness kicks in and he looks at me with eyes that remind me strongly of John Major. Passion has cooled down significantly by then. Usually I don’t see him for the next five hours. There’s just a suspicious lump under the blanket on the couch. Then it’s time for my second, secret love. With Chatblis, my adorable little black cat.

After many years of Pernod’s dictatorship, both Chatblis and I have learned that Pernod is the master of humans in the house. No one is allowed to caress Chatblis under Pernod’s watch. But as soon as the boss dozes off, we grab our chance. Chatblis starts off by passionately snuggling up to the legs of the tables and chairs. Whenever I say: ‘Hello beautiful’, she gets weak in the knees.

She wants to be lifted, rocked and admired. I fulfill her wishes with pleasure. But we both bear in mind that we’re carrying on a secret affair. Because as soon as the little dictator under the blanket notices that sweet words are being pronounced NOT addressed to him , he wakes up from his coma as if struck by lightning. And then the fat is in the fire.

Chatblis and I are trained in deception. As soon as we hear the tapping sounds of Pernod’s nails, we let go of each other. We both put on our most innocent face and look in another direction hoping to deceive the jealous lover.

A secret love: dangerous, but oh what bliss…

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