Ugly? My cats? WHAT?!


My cats don’t mind to look a bit different…

To the untrained eye Devon Rex cats can sometimes appear a bit strange. Different. I forgot about this a long time ago, but sometimes I can still see it in visitors’ looks. A course lout who once visited, yelled with his jacket still on: ‘Ouch! What a creep!’ at the sight of my tomcat Pernod. I would have liked to ask this muttonhead to save himself the trouble of taking off his jacket. If it were up to me he should have made a U-turn immediately, back on the street. But, yeah. Decency, good manners. I guess…

My cats themselves live in great peace with their bodies. They don’t make attempts at showing themselves in the best possible light. There is no reason for that. They think their bodies look fine, just the way they are. Unashamedly they hang over the chairs with their silly backs, they sunbathe with an inside out ear for hours on the windowsill. The thought that someone would look at them and think: ‘Don’t they look odd?!’ would never cross their minds.

Especially Pernod, not really blessed with a magazine body, is convinced of the divine nature of his appearance. He considers it completely appropriate to be worshipped. He doesn’t care for the fact that almost no hair grows on his belly. His wrinkled neck  looks five years older than the rest of his body. It doesn’t disturb him. His right eye is eternally watery. Chatblis and I have the task to keep that eye clean, but if we don’t do it: no hard feelings. Because Pernod does not take an interest in it. According to him eye crust is okay. By nature Chatblis is more elegant, it’s in her genes and not caused by her ambition. She also doesn’t worry about the fact that she combines skinny legs with quite the round belly. Sunlight on the carpet: that’s what she’s interested in. Chatblis is always bikini ready.

Obviously, I think she looks gorgeous. But that too is beside the point. They like the way they look. No need to go to school. My cats naturally understand the quintessence of happiness.

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7 thoughts on “Ugly? My cats? WHAT?!

  1. I think Devon Rex are completely gorgeous, every day I say to my Calico ” you are the most beautiful kitty cat in the World, and she looks at me as if to say “yea I Know”


  2. Why is there always judged by its appearance , while the interior is much more important. In addition, each kitten is beautiful, certainly Chatblis , Pernod and Cootje

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  3. i completely understand !! i sometimes get comments like that too when people see pictures of my 2 Devons HoneyCup and HokeyPokey… but as Pernod and Chatblis, they just don’t care and live their happy lives on the couch or wherever they want to settle down for that nap…

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