Cat and horse: a summer love affair

a mysterious love affair...
a mysterious love affair…

My cat Chatblis is courting. That should surprise no one: Chatblis is a package filled with affection surrounded by a little fur jacket. Every human she meets, she adores immediately. In short, she is a lovely creature. But apart from being lovely, she is also puzzling. Very puzzling. For three years, we’ve shared our lives, but Chatblis continues to surprise me. Sometimes she stares at a completely white wall for an hour. My eyes see white paint, hers seem to gaze into another dimension. Some days she throws herself at her food like a starving homeless girl. The next day she goes on a diet. These days a new mystery unfolds. Chatblis has a summer love. And it’s a horse.
The summer I spend with my cat in the forests of the Belgium Ardennes. Our garden borders on a meadow with two beautiful horses. Several times a day these giants come to see if there is a sandwich or apple for sale on my side of the fence. Chatblis always accompanies me when I greet the horses. And that’s how she develops a deep affection for the brown stallion. Chatblis ignores the elegant cream-colored mare completely. But the stallion: o dear! To be able to gaze  into his eyes, Chatblis climbs into an old tree on the boundary of the meadow. Tail flicking, she sits at his eye level and spreads her love. In turn, the stallion shows a mild interest in the little black cat. They sniff each other extensively and stay close for ten, fifteen minutes. Then the hunger is appeased and the horse leaves. Chatblis remains behind, languishing. Around her, the air shimmers with love.
Yesterday I saw Chatblis play between the hooves of the horse. Oh my! It looked wildly dangerous, but neither horse nor cat was worried in the slightest. The giant hooves stepped around the kitten carefully. Chatblis rolled in the sand, looking up in admiration. Not a worry in the world. Occasionally, noses touched.

Cat and horse. It’s a mysterious love affair. And I feel privileged to bask in its warmth.

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