Pernod loves this guy!

Learn how your cat wants to be stroked. This guy knows what he is talking about! ziet het niet zitten

8 thoughts on “Pernod loves this guy!

  1. Blij. Heb ik dat instinctief steeds juist gedaan. Ook filmpje over liefde tonen – mijn jongste dochter noemde dit “oogzoentjes geven” – hadden wij goed begrepen en passen wij met veel succes toe. X

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  2. It was very interesting to watch Jackson.Now i know why my cat somtimes grab suddenly my hand for no reason (I though that).


  3. sorry, I had did’nt noticed the link, I thought Pernod was the teacher. Jackson is a nice guy, I always look at “my cat from hell”

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  4. Jackson is an amazing guy. It’s great to see how he can help people who have problems with their cats, although the problem often is created by the people. I’ve already learned a lot from him.

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